KajaksTFC Masters Athletes Earn 12 Medals in Kelowna

Posted on September 26, 2019

Kelowna, BC

Braving the Okanagan Heat, 3 members of the KajaksFam Masters program finished the 2019 55+ Games in Kelowna with a combined 12 medals including 9 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze Medals.

BC Athletics Hall of Fame inductee and Track Rascals Lead Coach Avirl Douglas competed a perfect run winning Gold in all 5 of her events.  Behind her was fellow Richmond Wall of Fame Inductee Gwen McFarlan who also managed to finish with a streak of 3 Golds for 3 events.  Finding himself on top of the podium, Fred Pawluk hit a gold medal finish in the M70-74 800m completing his collection with a Silver and Bronze in the 4x400m and 1500m respectively.

In attendance to assist in our Kajaks crew’s success was longtime KajaksFam coach J.J Schmidt!

Congrats to our hard working Masters who continue to shine year after year.  2020 will be the home of the next edition of the 55+ Games.  For more information on the KajaksTFC Masters Program head over to www.kajaks.ca/programs/masters/        

2019 55+ Games (Kelowna, BC)

Avril Douglas GOLD W 70-74 50m 9.42 (-0.8)
Gwen McFarlan GOLD W 85-89 50m 11.79 (-1.3)
Avril Douglas GOLD W 70-74 100m 17.50 (-1.1)
Gwen McFarlan GOLD W 85-89 100m 24.28 (-0.8)
Avril Douglas GOLD W 70-74 200m 37.67 (-0.1)
Gwen McFarlan GOLD W 85-89 200m 48.64 (-2.3)
Avril Douglas GOLD W 70-74 400m 1:27.70
Avril Douglas GOLD W 70-74 800m 3:25.21
Fred Pawluk GOLD M 70-74 800m 2:58.83
Fred Pawluk SILVER M 55-59 4 x 400m 5:55.57
Fred Pawluk BRONZE M 70-74 1500m 6:09.28

Go Kajaks !!!

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