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Kajaks in the 1960's

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The birth of Kajaks

Birth of Kajaks article.jpg

Anne Covell Cliff - First Olympian 1968

68 08 14 News Anne pano.jpeg
Ann Covell ,Canadian record 400m at the '68 Olympics Mexico.jpg
Ann Covell Cliff.jpg
Anne Covell leaving for 1968 Olympics.jpg
Ann Covell at Mexico Olympics with Diane Clement and John Minnichello.jpg

Anne Covell (yellow) with Diane Clement and John Minnichello (seated)  at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City 

Anne Cliff 2011.jpg

Anne Covell Cliff in 2011

at the Kajaks 50th anniversary

Clement family before going to 1968 Olympics.jpg
Clement family 1968.jpg

Clement Family 1968

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