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9 to 13 Years Old

Track & Field is an outdoor team sport that naturally allows for social distancing while training, without scrimmages and close interactions between the team members. This has put Kajaks in the fortunate position of being allowed to continue offering training opportunities while other sports have had their training shut down. (Stay in your lane!)


What we have to offer for 2021 Junior Development (JD) Athletes

Along with our usual training, we will also be looking at conducting some Kajaks-only track events so that our athletes can get a feel for competing and, more importantly, see their development and progress, even if actual track meets are not held or not as usual this year. We want everyone to have fun and get a chance to run, jump and throw against themselves.


2021 Junior Development Programming and Membership for athletes ages 9-13!

Junior Development MEMBERSHIP for Spring & Summer 2021: $500



    1. Membership Type: please select 2021 Junior Development Spring & Summer Track & Field (April Intake)


    3. Fee for this annual program is $500.

  2. Annual Schedule (3 days per week)

    1. Spring - March 29th to end of July

    2. Weekly Schedule

      1. Tuesday & Thursday from 4:30pm-5:45pm (Spring practices may run longer) at Clement Track & Collier Throwing Centre in Minoru Park

      2. Saturday (times/locations will vary) will be for specialty practices and/or track & field meets

SEASONAL MEMBERSHIPS Junior Development (see schedule above)

  1. Winter 2021 - $200

  2. Spring 2021 - $500

  3. Fall Cross Country (XC) 2021 - $200

    1. Online REGISTRATION

      1. Membership Type: please select 2021 Junior Development Cross Country - XC (September & October)



IMPORTANT NOTES to ensure compliance with Provincial Health Orders and to keep us all safe:
ALL program attendees and members parent or guardian must read Kajaks TFC Return to Sport Plan (January 2021), attached, and compete all relevant waivers prior to their athlete attending practice.

Daily attendance (contact tracing) and Daily Health Screening must be completed on Team Snap for each and every practice your athlete attends. No exceptions are permitted to these rules. Athletes who are not in compliance will be asked to leave practice, no refunds will be granted in this case.

11 yo boys 800m 2019 JD Champs.JPG
12yo Sofai Varma-Vitug LJ 2019 Universal
11yo sprints 2019 Langley Pacific .JPG
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