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New Balance Track Rascals (TBA) (6 to 8 yrs)

Get your child started on the right track! We are pleased to present parents and with the Kajaks Track & Field Club Track Rascals program in partnership with New Balance Vancouver! As part of the Athletics Canada Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel initiative, the Track Rascals program aims to give your give your child an active start! Through Track & Field inspired games, activities and skill challenges, kids are taught fundamental movement skills and develop physical literacy all by our expert trained coaches in a fun and safe environment. Watch your kids play games, learn and make friends in one of BC’s Top Track Rascals programs! #KajaksTrackRascals PROGRAM INFO Ages: 6 to 8 years Membership Type: Seasonal Restrictions: Participation in this program is limited by age (see above) and program size (14 participants)

Junior Development (9-13 yrs)

Track & Field is an outdoor team sport that naturally allows for social distancing while training, without scrimmages and close interactions between the team members. This has put Kajaks in the fortunate position of being allowed to continue offering training opportunities while other sports have had their training shut down. (Stay in your lane!) What we have to offer for 2021 Junior Development (JD) Athletes

Along with our usual training, we will also be looking at conducting some Kajaks-only track events so that our athletes can get a feel for competing and, more importantly, see their development and progress, even if actual track meets are not held or not as usual this year. We want everyone to have fun and get a chance to run, jump and throw against themselves. 2021 Junior Development Programming and Membership for athletes ages 9-13! Junior Development MEMBERSHIP for Spring & Summer 2021: $500


    1. Membership Type: please select 2021 Junior Development Spring & Summer Track & Field (April Intake)


    3. Fee for this annual program is $500.

  2. Annual Schedule (3 days per week)

    1. Spring - March 29th to end of July

    2. Weekly Schedule

      1. Tuesday & Thursday from 4:30pm-5:45pm (Spring practices may run longer) at Clement Track & Collier Throwing Centre in Minoru Park

      2. Saturday (times/locations will vary) will be for specialty practices and/or track & field meets

SEASONAL MEMBERSHIPS Junior Development (see schedule above)
  1. Winter 2021 - $200
  2. Spring 2021 - $500
  3. Fall Cross Country (XC) 2021 - $200
    1. Online REGISTRATION
      1. Membership Type: please select 2021 Junior Development Cross Country - XC (September & October)
IMPORTANT NOTES to ensure compliance with Provincial Health Orders and to keep us all safe:
ALL program attendees and members parent or guardian must read Kajaks TFC Return to Sport Plan (January 2021), attached, and compete all relevant waivers prior to their athlete attending practice. Daily attendance (contact tracing) and Daily Health Screening must be completed on Team Snap for each and every practice your athlete attends. No exceptions are permitted to these rules. Athletes who are not in compliance will be asked to leave practice, no refunds will be granted in this case.

Speedlab (TBA)

How can I get faster for football, scocer, lacrosse, etc.? Track & Field has produced the fastest athletes in the world in large part due to the expertise and study of speed and human movement by Track & Field Coaches. The Kajaks Track & Field Club SpeedLab program is designed to give athletes in other sports the tools needed to improve their speed on their respective field of play. No matter what the sport, the SpeedLab program will help you move fast and stay healthy in the process! #KajaksSpeedLab SPEEDLAB INFO Ages: 12 to 30+ years Restrictions: There are no restrictions to this program Contact: Karen Fisher Hagel


This program is provided for athletes attending a Post Secondary institution looking to continue training through the winter and summer breaks. Athletes in this program will work with our Athlete Development coaching staff and have access to equipment and facilities needed to maintain theor performance. Our coaches will work with your collegiate coaches to maintain a continuous training throughout the year. #KajaksVarsity #GoKajaks #KajaksFam PROGRAM INFO Ages: University ages (19-23+) Membership Type: Annual (January - December) Membership Cost: $TBA* Restrictions: Athletes must be enrolled as a full time student at a post secondary institution and be an active roster member. Contact: Karen Fisher Hagel * Fees do not include any mandatory fees for access to indoor facilities.

Athlete Development (14+ yrs)

Athlete Development is for athletes in grade 8 - 12 and beyond. There are a few spots on the roster in most groups:

  • Sprints, Hurdles and Jumps Training takes place 3 days per week at Clement Track in Minoru Park.

    • Tuesday & Thursday 4pm-5:30pm, Saturday noon to 1:30pm. These hours can change and practice may run longer in the warmer weather.

    • High Jump Training is Thursday 5:30pm-6:30pm and an additional practice will be added in warmer weather. High Jumpers are expected to attend at least one Sprints practice each week, preferably more.

  • Distance and Distance Hurdles Training takes place 3 days per week

    • Monday and Wednesday 4pm - 5:30pm at Clement Track in Minoru Park

    • Tuesday and Thursday 3:30pm - Distance Hurdles

    • additional days may be added in warm weather

    • Saturday 10am-11:15am at Terra Nova Adventure Park.

  • Throws Training takes place at Collier Throwing Centre in Minoru Park

    • Monday to Friday - Discus, Hammer Throw, Shot Put starting at 4:30pm

    • Wednesday and Friday - Javelin 5:30-6:30pm

    • Saturday practices may be added in the warmer months.

Fees for the March 1st to August Athlete Development (AD) program is $700, this includes your BC Athletics membership fee for 2021. Below is the online registration link and as always payment plans are available. Please get in touch with me to arrange that.
  • Please select Membership Type: 2021 Athlete Development Track & Field (March Intake)
  • Kajaks TFC Return to Sport Plan (January 2021) is attached. Every athlete's parent/guardian must sign off on the appropriate club and BC Athletics waivers prior to attending practice, and all Covid-era protocols must be observed or your athlete may be asked to leave practice.
Once you confirm your athlete's interest and get registration steps underway I will send you an invitation to the Team Snap page for the appropriate group. Then you will receive more information about how to find our coaches in the park, Club shirts and emails of waivers that will need to be completed prior to your athlete joining the team in the park.

Masters (35+ yrs)

The Kajaks Track & Field Club believes that Athletics should be enjoyed at every age. In addition to our other programs, the Kajaks Masters Program is designed for competitive Masters athletes who not only continue to pursue a healthy life, but still enjoy the challenge of competition. Join our Masters crew as they continue to reach new goals and stay active for life! #KajaksMasters PROGRAM INFO Ages: 35+ Membership Type: Annual Restrictions: There are no restrictions for this program

Throwlab (TBA)

The Kajaks Track & Field Club ThrowLab is a program devoted to helping beginner and advanced throwers reach their goals by educating them on proper training techniques. Our coaches bring a passion for throwing and have had success as both athletes and coaches. If you're looking for a throws specific program with low athlete to coach ratios, then scroll below to register. This program is open to KajaksTFC members and non-members. THROWLAB INFO Ages: 11+ years Restrictions: No Restrictions Contact: Karen Fisher Hagel