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Kajaks Spike Swap! 


WHAT’S THAT?   Do you have athletic SHOES in good, used, or possibly unused condition that no longer fit your athlete? We want to help you get them onto the feet of someone who needs them!

WHO?   Other athletes from the club or outside the club may be interested in purchasing those shoes you can no longer use, at a fair price from you. (free also works if you just want them gone!)


HOW THIS WORKS? Fill out the form below and your shoes will be added into our selling directory on our Website.  Put your shoes in a shoebox or a large Ziploc-style bag and email to schedule a time to drop off your shoes. Shoes are stored securely at the track in a shoe swap bin. IMPORTANT: Please label the box or bag with your name and your selling price.

THEN WHAT?   Interested buyers will look over the items in the BIN and may even try on your shoes. Buyers are encouraged to ask their Coach about appropriateness of each pair!

HOW DO I COLLECT MY MONEY OR MY SPIKES BACK?   Buyers will pay Sellers cash and our Gear Team will let you know to come pick up your money, or your shoes if they have not sold!

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Looking to Buy: 

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