Kajaks Spike Swap! 

Kajaks Used Spikes/Throw Shoes SWAP

If you are looking for a pair of Sprint spikes, Distance spikes, or Throw shoes, whether it's your first pair or because you have outgrown your previous one, you can purchase them at the Kajaks Used Spikes/Throw Shoes Swap. 

Brand new pairs are expensive and are hard to find in Canadian stores. They are mostly available online from the US, shipping adds onto the cost.  Most athletes outgrow a pair in one season.

This is an economical way to purchase these specialty shoes, they help improve your athlete's performance on the track and in the field. Varied sizes and designs/styles are available, some gently used or some still in good condition. Prices reflect condition of the shoes.  Please check the current inventory on hand.  Sizes and description are listed. 


Shoes are available for viewing and to try on during Club Gear Night.  Come and visit us at the grandstand.  Only cash payments are accepted.  Transaction is between Kajaks families, facilitated by the Club.

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