Please click the button below for the 2018 Tentative Schedule. A Final Schedule will be posted online no later than 12:00 PM Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018.


Registration Info


All entries must be completed though TrackieREG. Schools, Individuals and Club athletes can complete registration by visiting: www.Trackiereg.com/THEBCEC50 


Early Bird Deadline Regular Deadline Late Entry
by (Date) May 11th May 18th n/a
by (Time) 11:59 PM 11:59 PM n/a
per event* $7.50 $10.00 $20.00
per relay $15.00 $20.00 $30.00
BCA** $3.00 $3.00 $3.00

Payment can be made:

  1. BY CHEQUE made payable to “Kajaks Track & Field Club” provided that the cheque is presented at the time of packet pick-up.
  2. ONLINE by credit card (additional fees apply)

Kajaks will not accept any entries after the Regular Deadline (May 18th ). Athletes will be able to late enter on the day of the event for the Late Entry fee depending on event restrictions (see: LATE ENTRIES ).

* entry fee is per athlete per event.

** Athletes who do not have an annual BC Athletics (BCA) competitive membership or are not with a 2017-18 BC Athletics School Club member school will be required to pay a $3.00 fee for a School Day of Event membership in order to take part in the meet. To see if you if you’re school is covered, please click here for the 2017-18 BC Athletics School Club members.


All athletes, coaches and parents are asked to please review the information below pertaining to Late Entries:

  • Late Entries will only be accepted on the day of the event. No late entries will be accepted between the Regular Deadline (May 18th) and the First Day of Competition (May 25th).
  • FOR TRACK EVENTS Day of Event entries will be accepted based on availability in the event. If the event is full, no additional entries will be accepted. Availability will be posted online at www.kajaks.ca/events/bcec and available at the registration desk.
  • FOR FIELD EVENTS: All Day of Event entries will be accepted. Due to large athlete numbers field events will also be limited to availability.
  • Late Entries must be submitted 1 hour prior to the start of the event.
  • Late Entries must be submitted at the Registration Desk (Package Pick Up) located in the Arena.




Package Pick Up will be available starting 2:00 PM FRIDAY, MAY 25th, 2018 at the Registration Desk located in the Arena available until the meet ends.

Coaches/Teachers with teams will pick up team package for their entire team and will be responsible for handing them out to athletes.


This meet will be held in compliance with the BC Athletics Technical Specifications. No other ages will be allowed to compete in this meet. Over age athletes currently in grade 7 will be allowed to compete for their school but will not be eligible to break records. Age Divisions are as follows:

Girls Boys
2009 Grade 3 2009 Grade 3
2008 Grade 4 2008 Grade 4
2007 Grade 5 2007 Grade 5
2006 Grade 6 2006 Grade 6
2005 Grade 7 2005 Grade 7


The BC Elementary Track & Field Championships follows the BC Athletics Technical Specifications Manual. For a list of events, please see APPENDIX A.

Entries Info


Entries are done by Year of Birth (YOB). Athletes may only enter events in their own age category. Please see the BC Athletics Technical Specifications Manual for technical specifications by age. There is NO provision for athletes to compete in events below their age division. Where an event is not offered, they may enter in the next highest category if that category is noted for the age/gender in the BC Athletics Technical Specifications. Please also note the following restriction(s):

300m: The 300m is for 2005 and 2006 athletes only. Younger athletes will not be permitted to enter this event.

4 x 200m Relay: The 4 x 200m Relay is for 2005, 2006 and 2007 athletes only. Younger athletes will not be permitted to enter this event.

Triple Jump: The Triple Jump is for 2005 athletes only. Younger athletes will not be permitted to enter this event.


No changes will be permitted after the posted Regular Deadline.


Due to time constraints the number of entries to the 100m will be limited again this year. Maximum of 6 athletes per gender per age category per team will be allowed. Teams may enter as many relay teams as they like, however only their top 2 teams will count towards Team Awards Scoring.


There is no seeding in the sprint events. All lane assignments are done by lane draw. We will attempt to ensure all the athletes from one school do not run in the same heat. The volume of entries in each age category will ultimately determine our ability to do that. There is seeding in the distance events where more than one heat is necessary. Seed times should be from races run this season.


Due to the volume of entries, Track events will not be delayed. In cases where track events and field events are in conflict (going at the same time), athletes are asked to check in at their field and track event. Then, return to your field event and continue competing. Have someone from your team or family monitor the progress of the races and then come back and get you in time for your race. After your race, return immediately to your field event. If you return before the end of a round and the next round has started, missed attempts from previous round(s) will not be made up. If the event is over, the event is over. Please plan accordingly.


Each athlete will have a competition number (bib number). Numbers must be worn on the front for all individual events. Relays will be run without competitor numbers. It is assumed that team members will be wearing team shirts/uniforms.

Competition Info


The meet will provide a TENTATIVE meet schedule of events to be posted at www.kajaks.ca/events/bcec in March. A FINAL schedule will be posted 12:00 PM Wednesday May 23rd, 2018 prior to the start of the meet. Please note we will make every effort to run on schedule and, if time permits, the meet will run no more than 20 minutes ahead of schedule.


The meet will go on as planned Rain or Shine. For safety, rain may cause the High Jump to move indoors to the arena. If this is the case, some High Jump events may need to be moved later or to the next day.


Heat sheets will be made available at www.kajaks.ca/events/bcec prior to the start of the event. Updated heat sheets will be posted in the arena and in areas around the stands each day of competition.


It is recommended that all coaches, parents and athletes arrive to the meet no less than 1 hour before the scheduled start of their event.

All athletes will be called to check in by the announcer. Athletes will receive 1st, 2nd and Final calls, so please listen carefully to all announcements.

Athletes will be called by their gender, year of birth and event. Example: “This is first call for the GIRLS 2005 100m, please make your way to the marshalling tent to check in for your event.”

TRACK EVENTS: Athletes competing in all track events will be called to the marshalling tent located on the south end of the track.

FIELD EVENTS: Athletes competing in all field events will be called to check in at the site of their event (example: long jumpers will check in at the long jump pits).


As a BC Athletics sanctioned event, this meet will adhere to the BC Athletics Technical Specifications Manual.


Track Event Check-IN

Athletes in track events will be marshalled (marched) from the South end of the track to the start line of their event. When the event is called send BUT DO NOT ACCOMPANY your athlete to the marshalling area. Do not send them early, as they will be sent away. They should have their number on and be warmed up and ready to run. Sweats can be worn until the starter gives the command “Sweats off.” After your race, return immediately to claim your clothing.


All track events will be run as timed finals with the exception of the 100m and the 4 x 100m for 2007, 2006 and 2005 age groups. Advancement to the 100m will be done by time alone. “A” (top 8 fastest times) and “B” Finals (next 8 fastest times) will be run. Please note that athletes in the B Finals cannot displace athletes in the A Final (Example: The winner of Final “A” is 1st and the winner of Final “B” is 9th).

Hurdle Specifications

For a list of hurdle specifications, please see APPENDIX B.


Relay Event Check-IN

Relay teams will follow the same check in procedure as all other track events.

BCA Clubs

BC Athletics Club teams will be allowed to run exhibition teams in the 4 x 100m, Mixed 4 x 200m, Distance Medley Relay (DMR), Multi Age 4 x 100m and Mixed 4 x 100m. Only school teams will be eligible for awards.

Filling Spots

In instances where relay teams require additional runners from a younger age group (fill spots), the team will be entered in the category age of the oldest athlete on the team. Coaches are reminded that athletes filling spots must be eligible to run the distance of their relay leg according to the BC Athletics Technical Specifications Manual.

Mixed 4 x 100m / 4 x 200m Relay

WHAT IS IT? This is a mixed gender, single age category relay event. Each team must be made up of 2 boys and 2 girls. Athletes can run in which ever order they prefer. THIS EVENT IS A NON SCORING EVENT

Multi Age 4 x 100m Relay

WHAT IS IT? This is a single gender, multi age category relay event in which each leg is run by a different aged athlete. Athletes eligible for this race must be born between 2005 and 2008. Athletes must run in the order of youngest to oldest.

Distance Medley Relay (DMR)

WHAT IS IT? This relay is single gender, single age group event in which athletes run the following distances in the following order: 200m, 200m, 200m, 600m.

All Other Relays

All other relays will be run as single gender, single age category events.


Field Event Check In

Athletes should report directly to their field event when called by the announcer.

Number of Attempts

All athletes who have checked in at their event at the time of the event will receive 1 official practice throw. Each event will have 3 rounds and each athlete will be given 1 attempt per round if they are present during that round. REMINDER: If an athlete is not present by the end of the round, the athlete will forfeit that attempt. High Jump will follow standard BCA and IAAF rules.

Minimum Distances

In all throwing and horizontal jumps, minimum distances will be enforced. An athletes first fair attempt will be measured. All attempts that are not past the minimum distance will not be measured. The minimum distances are as follows:

YOB 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005
Girls 2.30m 2.80m 2.90m 3.00m 3.20m
Boys 2.50m 2.90m 3.10m 3.30m 3.50m
YOB 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005
Girls n/a n/a n/a n/a 7.00m
Boys n/a n/a n/a n/a 7.50m
YOB 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005
Girls 2.50m 3.00m 4.00m 5.00m 6.00m
Boys 2.50m 4.00m 5.00m 6.00m 7.00m
YOB 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005
Girls n/a n/a 8.00m 10.00m 13.00m
Boys n/a n/a 10.00m 12.00m 16.00m

High Jump Starting Heights

YOB 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005
Girls 0.80m 0.90m 1.00m 1.05m 1.15m
Boys 0.85m 0.95m 1.05m 1.10m 1.20m

High Jump Progressions

After the starting height, the high jump bar will be raised in 5cm increments until the competition is completed.


For their own safety, it is strongly recommended that athletes know the correct technique before entering technical complex events like field events or hurdles.


Protests must be submitted in writing using the Official Meet Protest Form (see: APPENDIX C) to the Meet Director and the JURY OF APPEAL within 30 minutes from the posting of the results of the event in question. A $25.00 protest fee is to accompany all protests. If the protest is upheld, the protest fee will be returned.

Protests can only be submitted by a team or club coach. For unattached athletes, or athletes who does not have a coach present at the meet, parents may submit a protest. Violation of this rule will result the protest not being accepted.


A jury of appeal consisting of three competent and qualified persons will be available for decisions arising from protests. All JURY OF APPEAL decisions are final.


Athletes and coaches are reminded that there will be no refunds for athletes who miss their event(s). No exceptions.


Results will be posted in the Arena located to the north end of the grand stands. Results will be posted online at www.kajaks.ca/events/bcec upon the completion of each day.

Awards Info


Hurdle and Relay events

  • Medals for Top 3 finishers
  • Ribbons for 4th to 8th place finishers

All other events

  • Medals for Top 3 finishers
  • Ribbons for 4th to 16th place finishers

Individual Award Pick-up

Coaches/Teachers for all school teams can pick up their accumulated awards at the end of the meet each day (athletes competing for their schools will receive their awards from their coach). There will be no mailing out of awards. Please have someone come by at the end of the meet to pick up your package. Athletes who are not competing for their school may pick up their awards 30 minutes after the results have been posted.


Team awards include the following:

  • Meet Champions Trophy
  • Top Girls Team Plaque
  • Top Boys Team Plaque
  • Top Public Schools Plaque
  • Top Non-Lower Mainland School Plaque
  • Top Club Plaque

Team Awards Scoring

1st 10 pts. 5th 4 pts.
2nd 8 pts. 6th 3 pts.
3rd 6 pts. 7th 2 pts.
4th 5 pts. 8th 1 pts.

Team Awards Pick-up

Team awards will be available for all team award winners upon the completion of the meet.

Parking & Directions

BCEC50 will take place at the Clement Track and Minoru Park in Richmond, BC (7191 Granville Ave, Richmond, BC V6Y 4G2).

Google Map – click here

There is parking available at Minoru Park, but please note due to the number of participants and fans attending, parking will be limited.

Additional Parking is located at:

    • Richmond Secondary School – MAP – 7171 Minoru Blvd, Richmond, BC V6Y 1Z3
    • Richmond School District No.38 Offices – MAP – 7811 Granville Ave, Richmond, BC V6Y 3E3


Please visit the Tourism Richmond website for recommendations on accommodations and things to do while you are in Richmond for #BCEC50!