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14+ Year Old


There is no prerequisite for registering for this program – Grades 8 to 12, beginners are welcome! 


Athletes can choose their area of specialization among the various disciplines (see training groups below).

*If you are not sure which discipline to choose, please email us at to schedule a Try-It day for the different training groups. 

Kajaks Track & Field Club's 2022-2023 Annual Athlete Development memberships:

  • Annual membership September 2022 to August 2023

    • Fee is $1275 and includes your competitive BC Athletics membership and a New Balance dri-fit club shirt

    • this fee is a small increase of $75 over last year to help us cover increased rentals costs and equipment expenses

Seasonal intake for members.

    • 2023 Track & Field + Cross Country Winter Intake       (January to August)           $900

    • 2023 Track & Field +Cross Country Spring Intake        (April to August)                $675

    • 2023 Cross Country Only                                                (August to November)      $375

Kajaks keeps our pricing low by including a Volunteer Commitment in our registration – details:

Throws group.jpeg
High Jump group 2.jpg
  • Sprints, Hurdles, and Jumps AD Training Group

    • Track & field Meets for these groups begin in the spring

    • Sprints & Jumps: Track events up to 400m and High Jump, Long & Triple Jump events

      • Tuesday & Thursday 5pm - 6:15pm, starting September 20th, 2022

      • Saturday 12pm - 1:15pm, starting October 15th, 2022

      • End times for these practices are approximate and may change with the season

      • indoor training options are being explored and may be added in the winter months, additional fees will apply

    • Hurdles: dedicated hurdles and 400m training

      • ​Monday, Thursday/Friday at 4pm  (Thursday/Friday may alternate, tbd)
      • Saturday at 11am, begins September 19th, 2022 approx


  • Distance and Distance Hurdles AD Training Group

  • Endurance & Cross Country (XC): Track events 600m and longer + Cross Country

    • Monday & Wednesday at 4pm

    • Thursday or Friday, depending on the season - strength training at 5pm at the park

    • Saturday 9am - off-site, locations to be announced

    • Fall 2022 - this group will attend Cross Country XC Meets

    • BC High School Sports also hosts XC meets through the Fall season

    • Training is underway now and athletes can join at any time

    • Seasonal Cross Country memberships are available and run until the end of November 2022

  • Throws Training AD Group

  • Circle Throws: Shot Put, Discus Throw, Hammer Throw

    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 4:15pm start

    • Training begins September 19th, 2022

    • Track & field meets for these athlete begin in the spring

  • Javelin: Javelin Throw

    • Monday, Friday 5:30pm,September 19th, 2022

    • Wednesday 5:30pm, starting in January 2023

  • Combined Events: Pentathlon, Heptathlon, Octathlon and Decathlon = schedules to be designed with our coaching staff

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