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1. Cyrus McLean Trophy                                most outstanding performance by a club member male or female

2. D.B. Clement Trophy                                 outstanding performance by a female athlete

3. D.E. Matheson Trophy                               outstanding performance by a male athlete

4. Botcher Trophy                                           outstanding performance road race/cross-country male or female

5. Kajaks Coaches Award                               outstanding performance by a field athlete male or female

6. Kajaks Decathlon/Pentathlon Award        outstanding multi-events performance

7. Carmyn James Award                                outstanding coach of the year male or female

8. Kajaks Baton                                               outstanding relay cross-country team performance

9. Outstanding Junior Male Athlete

10. Outstanding Junior Female Athlete

11. Outstanding Juvenile Male Athlete

12. Outstanding Juvenile Female Athlete

13. Outstanding Masters Male Award          (Masters coaches select this award)

14. Outstanding Masters Female Award      (Masters coaches select this award)

15. Al Jacobsen Memorial Plaque                awarded for performance deserving special recognition

16. Sylvia Makinson Memorial Plaque          outstanding special appreciation of dedicated service by a volunteer deserving

                                                                             special recognition (board members select)

17. Jack Harrison Award                                outstanding performance by a JD athlete male or female (usually given to the

                                                                            outstanding midget age group)

18. Mickey Shurkur Award                             inspirational performance by a Masters athlete

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