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Masters left a blazing trail at the BC Masters Track & Field Championships/Multi-Event meet

The BC Masters Championships was held on Aug. 13-14 and the Multi-event meet was held on Aug. 27-28, both at the South Surrey Athletic Park.

Our Kajaks Masters athletes proved that age is nothing but a number!

Avril Douglas (75-79)

100m 17.09

200m 35.04

400m 1:23.26

Nicole Carlos (45-49)

Shot put 9.46m

Weight Throw 11.71m

Discus 30.49m

Hammer 36.42m

Javelin 29.16m

Super Weight 7.19m

Fred Pawluk (75-79)

400m 1:25.89

Tamas Revoczi (50-54)

200m 36.02

Zoltan Durgo (60-64)

Shot put 9.28m

Weight Throw 13.80m

Discus 36.00m

Hammer 32.90m

Super Weight 6.75m

Masters Multi-Events Championships

Men’s Weight Pentathlon HT SP DT JT WT

DURGO, Zoltan 2767 35.80m 8.95m 35.54m 21.17m 13.30m

Women’s Weight Pentathlon HT SP DT JT WT

CARLOS, Nicole 3639 39.20m 9.50m 34.06m 28.54m 11.99m

REVOCZI, Tamas (50-54)

100m 17.12

400m 1:22.19

PAWLUK, Fred was part of a world record relay in the Men's 4x800m!

M75 team 12:27.64 (age group 75-79)


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