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JD athletes cap the season with a great performance at the BC JD T&F Championships

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

July 15-17, 2022 South Surrey Athletic Park, Surrey, B.C.

Thank you to all the Kajaks JD athletes, parents, families, friends who attended the JD Championships. We had an amazing turn out for our JD group, with lots of PBs and stellar performances all around. Special cheers to everyone who came out and put in effort to try something new! What an exciting way to end the season!

Thank you to our JD Coaches Lee Hunter, Soleah, Danielle, and Kieran for being there this weekend and supporting our JD athletes.

Congratulations to all our JD competitors on your achievements and hope you have a great summer!

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2009 Boys

Li, Bradely

100m 1st 12.49

200m 2nd 26.12

300m 1st 41.53

Xiao, Robin

100m 5th 13.01

300m 3rd 42.37

80m Hurdles 5th 13.67

800m 2nd 2:21.94

Xiao, Michael

300m 6th 43.82 2

Wong, Michael

800m 12th 3:04.21

Yen, Aiden

100m 17th 13.89

200m 10th 28.16

200mH 6th 31.89

1200SMR 2009 Boys

2nd Kajaks Track & Field Club (A) 3:12.34

Robin Xiao, Michael Xiao, Michael Wong, Aiden Yen

4x100m 2009 Boys

1st Kajaks Track & Field Club (A) 51.91

Robin Xiao, Bradley Li, Michael Xiao, Aiden Yen

2009 GIRLS

Kennedy, Katherine

2000m 2nd 7:14.60

800m 2nd 2:33.36

1200m 2nd 4:11.38

Smith, Bryanna

100m 11th 14.32

LJ 14th 3.78m

JT 10th 13.00m

DT 7th 13.04m

Chan, Chloe

HJ 10th 1.15m

LJ 8th 4.03m

SP 7th 5.92m

Sandhu, Laila

SP 1st 10.11m

1200SMR 2009 Girls

2nd Kajaks Track & Field Club (A) 3:29.74

Chloe Chan, Bryanna Smith, Renee Pan, Theodora Popova

4x100 2009 Girls

4th Kajaks Track & Field Club (A) 58.43

Bryanna Smith, Savannah Vigario, Chloe Chan, Theodora Popova

2010 Boys

Lau, Preston

100m 6th 14.26

200m 9th 30.26

LJ 7th 4.13m

Ly, Tyler

100m 8th 14.65

200m 8th 30.25

80m H 8th 14.50

200mH 4th 33.16

HJ 5th 1.20m

LJ 4th 4.25m

Graff, Kingsley

800m 14th 2:50.25

200mH 12th 37.10

Medianu, Eric

800m 15th 2:51.24

HJ 4th 1.25m

Bahmania, Param Deep

LJ 23rd 3.06m

SP 8th 5.45m

DT 6th 10.97m

4x100 2010 Boys

3rd Kajaks Track & Field Club (A) 1:00.28

Isaac Choi, Preston Lau, Kingsley Graff, Tyler Lu

1200SMR 2010 Boys

4th Kajaks Track & Field Club (A) 3:44.23

Kingsley Graff, Tyler Ly, Eric Medianu, Preston Lau

2010 Girls

Leung, Emeth

100m 26th 15.66

JT 11th 10.20m

2011 Boys

Clark, Maxwell

60 m 11th 9.67

100m 15th 15.55

Kadatare, Siddharth

100m 21st 15.79

200m 11th 32.64

000m 12th 3:39.27

2012 Boys

Bevan, Joel

1000m 5th 4:01.00

Ly, Oliver

60mH 7th 12.14

60m 8th 9.63

100m 10th 15.91

LJ 14th 3.07m

Varma-Vitug, Armaan

60mH 9th 13.42

60m 13th 10.22

100m 24th 17.46

600m 20th 2:24.32

1000m 8th 4:02.47

LJ 30th 2.49m

DT 5th 10.88m

Medianu, Luca

100m 20th 17.06

600m 21st 2:24.78

LJ 15th 3.05m

Liu, Tyler

100m 28th 17.94

600m 22nd 2:28.52

LJ 17th 2.88m

SP 4th 6.20m

JT 4th 14.02m

DT 3rd 12.05m

2012 4x100 Boys

2nd Kajaks Track & Field Club (A) 1:09.55

Armaan Varma-Vitug, Oliver Ly, Tyler Liu, Luca Medianu

2012 Girls

Chu, Jinghan

LJ 14th 3.03m

SP 1st 6.09m

2013 Girls

Vall, Sahara

60m 12th 10.92

SP 5th 4.21m

2013 Boys

Chan, Zachary

60m 3rd 9.60

600m 2nd 2:02.05

100m 3rd 15.67

HJ 2nd 1.10m

LJ 1st 3.55m

Thomson, Kayden

60m 5th 9.84

60mH 4th 12.70

HJ 1st 1.10m

LJ 3rd 3.29m

SP 6th 4.83m

Chahal, Jaan

60m 9th 10.23

100m 9th 16.50

LJ 5th 3.18m

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