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Kajaks athletes shine at BC High School Track and Field Championships

Unpredictable weather, with the torrential downpour and windy days.

The days proved to be challenging and long. With the sheer volume of students competing, all track events (except for the 3000m) had heats and finals. By the final day, a lot of the athletes were exhausted and sore. Field events were done in flights, with top 8 getting their six attempts. Patience and determination were tested.

Despite all these circumstances, our Kajaks athletes stood tall in their school jerseys and did their best. Congratulations on stellar results, new BC HS records were set and PBs this past weekend at the BC High School Championships. Well done!

The BCHS meet's official photographer has photos posted on Downloads may be charged a fee.

For any corrections, or if you would like to share photos - please email to


Logan Duley R.A. McMath Secondary

100m Dash 11.02 5th

200m Dash 23.49 13th

Lyle Lo R.A. McMath Secondary

100m Dash 11.90 24th

Triple Jump 12.89 4th

Long Jump 6.21 6th

Kiran Wanniarachchi Burnaby Mountain

High Jump 1.95 2nd

Levi Tuura New Westmins

High Jump 2.07 1st

Shot put 6kg 11.61 8th

Aidan Turner South Delta School

*named Most Inspirational Athlete of the meet

110m Hurdles 14.27 1st

Pole Vault 4.85 1st - new meet record, new BC U18 record

Discus Throw 1.75kg 39.09 2nd PB

Decathlon 6817 2nd

Max Kempin R.A. McMath Secondary

800m 2:08.24 21st

1500m 4:21.56 16th

3000 Meters 9:18.62 12th

Trenton Lau Southpointe Academy

3000m 10:25.83 32nd

Deven Marrero Grandview Height

Javelin 800g 49.75 1st PB

Shot put 6kg 10.25 21st

Hammer Throw 48.83 6th

Matthew Uliana STGEO

*named Co-winner for Outstanding Male Athlete of the meet

Shot Put 6kg 16.60 1st - new BC HS record

Discus Throw 1.75kg 49.75 1st - new BC HS record

Hammer Throw 66.33 1st - new BC HS record

Ethan Longley RE Mountain

Shot put 6kg 12.84 4th

Discus Throw 1.75kg 36.59 6th

Hammer Throw 50.72 5th

Declan Lundie R.A. McMath Seco

Shot put 6kg 8.72 31st

Herschel Johal VANCO

Discus Throw 1.75kg 37.53 4th

Hammer Throw 35.60 9th

Moses Law University Hill

Triple Jump 11.01 22nd

Men’s Senior 4x100 relay A McMath

45.93 7th

Kajaks Team members: Logan Duley, Lyle Lo

Men’s Senior 4x400 relay A McMath

4:02.85 24th

Kajaks Team members: Max Kempin


Kezia Kawamura Hugh McRoberts

1500m 5:25.60 18th

3000m 12:17.44 19th

Lexi Lawson R.A. McMath

High Jump 1.40 10th

Jenna Howarth Steveston London

400m 1:04.19 15th

Kaiya Hamada R.A. McMath Secondary

200m 28.40 18th

400m 1:04.47 16th

Javelin 27.94 12th

Megan Smith R.A. McMath Secondary

Javelin 600g 27.84m 13th

4x100 Women Senior 52.29 5th Finals

Kajaks Team member: Kaiya Hamada

4x400 Women Senior 4:17.11 5th Finals

Kajaks Team member: Kaiya Hamada

Elise Drake Kelowna Sec

Shot Put 11.66 2nd

Hammer 52.14 2nd

Discus 32.33 3rd


Zach Kennedy R.A. McMath Secondary

400 Meters 56.34 19th

800 Meters 2:08.32 17th

3000m 9:48.12 17th

Lawrence Man JN Burnett

Hammer throw 5kg 50.61 1st PB

Chase Longley Peter Ewart

Hammer throw 5kg 42.48 2nd PB

Discus Throw 1.5kg 31.93 6th

Shot put 5kg 9.64 23rd

4x100m Men Junior 47.24 8th

Kajaks Team member: Zach Kennedy

4x400 Men Junior 3:42.47 4th

Kajaks Team member: Zach Kennedy


Claire Chiang Richmond Chr

400m 1:06.70 28th

Merina Lau Southpointe Academy

1500m 5:20.69 22nd

3000m 11:55.81 16th

Sofia Varma-Vitug YORKH

100m dash 13.51 12th

200m dash 27.76 12th

Triple Jump 10.69 2nd

Besty Ye Hugh McRober

Triple Jump 9:08 15th

Rebecca Chen Steveston Lo

Triple Jump 8.67 17th

Minal Syed Hugh McRoberts

Long jump 4.31 20th

4x100m Women Junior 56.31 22nd

Kajaks Team member: Renzey Rozman

4x400m Women Junior 4:29.05

Kajaks Team member: Renzey Rozman


Ruby Kump R.A. McMath Secondary

800 Meters 2:45.12 21st

1500 Meters 5:34.48 14th

3000 Meters 11:56.09 10th

Natalie Franke Crofton House

Long jump 4.07 19th

Shot put 11.01 1st

Javelin 21.10 9th

Trinity Costain Hugh Boyd Se

Shot put 6.78 19th

Hannah Lee Steveston London

High Jump 1.20 21st

Women 4x400 Relay Gr 8 – McMath 4:44.97 11th


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