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Kajaks at 2024 Harry Jerome Indoor Meet

February 3, 2024 @ Richmond Oval

Great season opener with the one and only indoor meet in the lower mainland! Our Kajaks athletes are shaking off the winter blues with great performances!

Here is a recap for Kajaks athletes' performances.

60m U18 Women – 2nd         VARMA-VITUG, Sofia 8.14 

60m  U16 Women - 1st     ROGERS, Payton 8.21

60m U16 Men - 18th  LY, Tyler                8.42

60m U18 Men

12th       LAO, Willard               7.61

13th       BRIDSON, Arthur       7.62

17th      BURROWS, Nicolas    7.75

20th       FOSTER, Miles           8.04

26th       TOURVIEILLE, Paul   8.62


60m Open Men

14th       OSBORNE, Keiran      7.45

22nd       NG, Aiden                   7.57

30th       ERASO, Diego            7.72


60m Men 12yo

1st         TAN, Kayden   9.16 

2nd         LY, Oliver        9.22

3rd         CAO, Jasper    9.30

4th         VARMA-VITUG, Armaan        9.43


60m Women 10 yo

1st        BAINS, Seylah              10.18


60m Men 11yo

6th        CHAHAL, Jaan            9.47

60m Men 10yo

4th        SHERGILL, Dean        10.28


600m U18 Men

6TH       NARBETT, Kouken      1:36.14


600m Girls  12yo

10th  LAM, Alysha Hoi Nam      2:10.54


600m Mixed 10 and 11yo

4th  VARMA-VITUG, Ashiana   2:13.46

600m Boys 13 yo

4th  KADATARE, Siddharth       1:52.31

600m Boys 12yo

4th  VARMA-VITUG, Armaan   2:06.73

6th  CAO, Jasper                       2:06.99

600m  Boys 10yo

4th  SHUTE, Ronin                    2:20.47


1000m Men U18

1st        NARBETT, Kouken      3:00.16

1000m Men Open

2nd         KENNEDY, Zachary    2:44.45


200m Girls Mixed 11 and 10 yr

6th        BAINS, Seylah             34.76

200m Boys 12yo

1st         CAO, Jasper                32.23

2nd        VARMA-VITUG, Armaan        32.25

200m Boys 11yo

7th        CHAHAL, Jaan            32.61

200m Boys 10yo

3rd        SHERGILL, Dean        35.31

4th         SHUTE, Ronin            36.44


800m RaceWalk 13yo

1st        KADATARE, Siddharth            6:53.19

300m  U16 Women – 2nd   ROGERS, Payton 45.38

300m – U16 Men - 14th  LY, Tyler               46.91

300m U18

9th        WIJAYAKOON, Daymon         40.42

11th      LAO, Willard                            40.88

15th      FOSTER, Miles                        43.00

16th      TOURVIEILLE, Paul                43.42


300m Open

5th        ERASO, Diego                         38.42


1500m Open

9th        BRIDSON, Elliot                      5:23.68


4x200m Relay 13yo mixed boys and girls

3rd        Kajaks Track & Field Club (A) 2:14.40

1) LY, Oliver 2) GILL, Sahanna 3) VARMA-VITUG, Armaan 4) KADATARE, Siddharth


4x200m Relay 12yo mixed boys and girls

6th         Kajaks Track & Field Club (A) 2:30.05 1(3)

1) VARMA-VITUG, Ashiana 2) CAO, Jasper 3) SHUTE, Ronin 4)


4x200m U18 Girls

1st        Kajaks Track & Field Club (A) 1:56.44

1) CHAN, Chloe 2) VARMA-VITUG, Sofia


800m SMR 12yo Boys and Girls

3rd        Kajaks Track & Field Club (A) 2:30.69

1) CHAHAL, Jaan 2) TAN, Kayden 3) BAINS, Seylah 4)


Shot Put U16 - 5th        CHAN, Chloe               7.45m

Shot Put 13yo -  3rd      GILL, Sahanna             5.11m

Shot Put 12yo- 2nd        LAM, Alysha Hoi Nam  3.90m

High Jump U16 – 2nd  LY, Tyler        1.45m


High Jump Open

1st         CHATTEN, Eric                      2.05m

2nd        WANNIARACHCHI, Kiran      2.05m

4th        MAVER, Caidyn                      1.95m


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